The Gold Trading

The gold trading plays a vital role in the world market and economies. Gold is a subject of various presentations by media and financial articles. Various sites and newsletters support investments in gold. According to experts, almost all exchange of any note around the globe has some type of gold investment. New York and London is the leading gold trading centers in the world. The London gold trading centre is one of the oldest gold market in the world. Here, the gold fixings take place at 10:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. and one of the major gold futures exchange for U.S. traders is Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX). The size of the NYMEX gold futures contract is 100 troy ounces.

In gold trading the future prices of gold are quoted in US dollars per ounce. In addition, the most important gold markets are located in Hong Kong, Tokyo, shanghais, Sydney, Dubai, Singapore and Zurich. Another medium to invest in gold includes street tracks gold shares exchange fund. The world largest producer of gold is South Africa. It accounts for almost sixteen percent of annual world gold production. China (7 percent), Australia (11 percent), and United States (12 percent) follow South Africa. In United States, Nevada, California and Alaska is the top gold producing state.

Gold is the best way to generate high income. In order to defend from the future risks, many traders make use of the various trading software. This software plays a vital role in predicting the future of the gold trading. The prices of gold vary according to the market. The market is unpredictable. The future prices of gold have an inverse relationship with U.S dollar. It is because not only gold, the other commodities like oil is also valued in dollars. If the price of the dollar turns, down over a period then, the price of gold rises. Gold is one of those markets that give a wide choice of viable investment vehicles for almost any type of investor.

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